TRANSVESTIGATION: Scientific Comparison Images and Photos of Real Women and Men to Help You Identify the Secret Transsexuals that Crowd the Media

 Far beyond what is taught in school: the differences between the body of a man and a woman do not stop at the private parts.
    The best way to identify a trans is through the hip and skull bones.


The shoulders x hip ratio is quite important and simple.
In women, the shoulder and hip have similar proportion.
In men, the shoulders are wider than the hips.

 You can see that the shape of a man's body is a "T" (WIDER SHOULDER than the HIP). Already in the woman, the format is in "8":

 Below are photos of real women only, confirmed by biology and anatomy:

 You can see that a woman's hip curve always starts over the navel, and that the hip has a similar horizontal proportion to the shoulder - that's because women give birth and their hip area bones are larger, different from men's bones.


 That is, women have curves.

In the man the waist is below the navel.

 More comparison images:

    Again, notice well, the blue line in the images below indicates the man's waist - which is below the belly button. And the red line indicates the woman's waist - which is above the belly button.
    Also note the body proportion:


 Here you see how the bones of women and men are different, being that of the woman - on the right side - much more open, and that of the man - on the left side - narrower. This is so that it is possible for a woman to pass a baby:


 For this reason, the woman's hip is wider than the man's. There is no secret.
     Notice now the male bodies. The hip is narrower than the female body and the body formation is T, because the shoulders are wider than the hips:

 Still studying the hip, we have that men have the Adonis Belt, which is an extremely identifiable V in the lower belly area - not found in female bodies:

 Go to the beach, notice the belly of people: men and women and find yourself with this body pattern is only identifiable in men.
     When you see an Adonis belt + a T-shaped body, there is no doubt about that: the person was born MAN.

      Sharpen your ability to identify a trans not to be fooled and pass the knowledge on.
      To finalize the hip, see the differences between the angles in the curves:

Realize how the hip curve that ends at the knee of the woman begins above the belly button, while the man below.

Second safe way to identify a trans: the SKULL.

     In the image below, two clear copies of skulls - one from a man, one from a woman, with differences that should be clear to you after exposure, see:


 Glabella is the part of the bone that is above the eyes. In men, the glabella is jumped, in women not.
    Notice how the man's forehead has this very sharp curve from GLABELA:

 Notice how the woman's forehead on the right is straighter, while the man's forehead has a rise from this bone:

In the image above, take the opportunity to see the differences between the jaws - the man's is square and the woman's rounder.

 Below, skull of man on the left side, and woman on the right side. The circle around the top of the skull indicates where the glabella bone is, denounced by male and female skulls:

The male skull also tends to be more curved than the female.

  Now let's go to the lines of the face. Men have the squareest face (due to the skull) and women the roundest bone - at least reason:
 Also notice that there are already surgeries to change the skull of transsexuals. For this reason it is good to know the most varied ways to identify a trans. Always note the details.
    Keep in mind that deceivers and their creators are aware of these differences and always try to hide them.

 Hair Lines:

    The next tip is about the hairline, which is also different between the sexes. This detail, however, is easy to be "hidden" by those responsible for transgender conspiracy, with the help of a specific wig or haircuts (there are also surgeries):


 The HAIR LINE of the woman has the shape of an inverted "U", while the man's looks like an "M".

 With the comparison images, the differences become clear, and what you didn't see before you can see.


We have the difference between the muscles in the neck area - left man, right woman:



    A good detail to look at is the size of the fingers. However, this item alone does not guarantee that anyone is male or female, because there are exceptions. Therefore it is indicated to treat the size of the fingers as indicative of the true sex of the person, but always look for other facts that prove it (as exposed above).


 That is, in most cases the woman's index finger is larger than the fourth finger, in the case of the man it is the other way around: the fourth finger (counting from the thumb) is usually larger than the index finger.


Men have the straightest spine while women have the most curved spine:


 (On the left in the image above, we see that also, a man's hand covers his face more than a woman's hand covers hers.)

Other call sign: butt size


 Women have more curves - spine, hip, waist and butt as well.

 Below is a man's butt and how it's different:

 Again, many trans put silicone or mesh specifically to increase this region and thus make it easier for women. But not all.

     Always try to see the set.
     Keep in mind that makeup, photoshop, clothes and poses are deceiving. And secret transsexuals often know how to do the pose that best creates a false curve in your body, among many other tricks.
      However, it is not impossible to discover them, knowing all these things.


  1. are Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck real men or are they ftm?

  2. About that second image that you used.
    Ok... lol

  3. According to most of your metrics I would be genetic female. But then I was born intersexed so I guess that doesn't count. I guess you didn't take that into account. There are actually quite a lot more intersexed people in the world than you realize. We just don't make a big deal out of it. Instead of trying to project us as some kind of enemy why not just live and let live. Find someone you love, settle down and be happy. We are just trying to live our lives, be kind.

    1. Arguing from the viewpoint of an extreme exception such as being 'intersexed' changes nothing about these universal truths.

    2. I know its your website but I really can't see why its so necessary for you to try to make transgender women the enemy. Did you think you really liked a transgender woman and she wouldn't have you or are you just so homophobic you feel it necessary to lash out at us. We are being persecuted to the extreme because of hate mongers like you. We have the highest suicide rate of anyone and the main reason is because of people like you. We are being murdered at a very high rate. You don't understand what you are doing to us and for no reason but your own satisfaction. Most people with your attitude are closeted homosexuals and don't want anyone to know so they lash out to prove just how straight they are. The more you do the more you prove you are just that. I feel sorry for you.

    3. I also noticed something else. You hide behind anonymity, you don't post your real name here. I did, because I am honest about myself. Perhaps if you were the man you claim to be you could post your real name instead of hiding. Be proud of your opinion or don't post it.

    4. Hermaphordites are 2 people. Also, for some people its super lame to be a secret tranny. Thats an important detail you dolt. You cant be a fm if you are a m.

    5. The other scenario is hormone related and one would be a male or female still.

    6. The chimeras are hermaphrodites that are 2 people fused at birth, male and female. Otherwise like i said its hormone related. Oh and i think you can also have a scenario where you have an extra sex chromosome either xyy xxx or xxy. These are two souls as one converged body.

  4. Why do you tell me I hide behind anonymity?

    1. I use my complete name, anyone can Google me and find me in hundreds of publications. Your name is De nabor. Is that a trackable name? Are you afraid of the people you slander? If you are a man, a real man you will post your real name. At least make it possible for us to email you directly, if you are brave enough.

  5. The person running this website isn't being hateful at all. They are simply describing the differences of males and females. Biologicals differences do exist and all the wishing in the world won't make it untrue.

    1. Considering just how transgender people are persecuted, trying to point our binary differences and stating all males conform to one type while all females conform to another type is totally non scientific. We all know examples of women who are larger and men who are smaller. Trying to "point out the differences" based on the examples is not scientific and can trigger some people to have a reaction as in giving them an excuse to abuse some woman who they believe is transgender who may not be. Abusing anyone being genetic female or transgender female seems to be a hobby of some men. We live in a society in which some people, males mostly, need little excuse to abuse someone they think they can get away with complete impunity. People need to think before they make blanket statements that can get other people hurt or worse.


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